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Our dentist is happy to provide a wide range of services to create healthy smiles for the patients who visit our offices.

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Show off your bright, beautiful smile after visiting Dr. Adel for cosmetic procedures.

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Welcome to Longview Family Dental!

We provide you and your family with a wide range of treatments and procedures that improve your dental health, including implants and endodontics.

Our belief is that life is a journey worth smiling about with healthy, bright teeth and healthy gums. Our patients rely on receiving competent, caring treatments and cleanings from our friendly dentists and team. Longview Family Dental has served the area for many years, and we will continue the tradition of providing high-end dentistry to the families here.


We enjoy getting to know our patients, whether they and their families have been visiting us for years or if they are new to our office. We pride ourselves on providing excellent dental care in a gentle and pleasant manner. We excel at calming the fears many people experience when going to the dentist, especially children. Comforting our patients while providing the highest quality care is our priority.


We are strong advocates for preventive dental care and maintenance which includes regular dental cleanings and exams. Preventive care for toddlers and teens also includes services like fluoride and sealants as well as custom mouthguards to protect teeth during sports activities or to help stop harmful habits like teeth grinding.

As our patients age, some of them become interested in cosmetic dentistry services to beautify their smiles. This includes services such as teeth whitening and dental veneers. Beyond cosmetic dental care, you may eventually need restorative dentistry such as tooth fillings or root canals. We can remove problem teeth and wisdom teeth, and if you need to fill gaps in your smile, we offer tooth replacement options.

We Partner with Most Insurance Providers

We accept dental insurance plans from both major and smaller providers. If in doubt, you may reach out to us ahead of your appointment and our support staff will be happy to take a look at your specific plan and let you know if they are a partnered provider.

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